Transformation in online giving

One of the exciting projects we’ve been involved with in the first six months of 2015 has been a unique experiment in research into online giving.  Giving by mobile devices has skyrocketed, yet many charities have not adapted as quickly to the technology.  This research gives charities information they should consider as they advance into this new area.

Our project has been done in collaboration with Seacrest Foundation and Frontier Marketing, and is being rolled out in two stages.  The first stage is now complete, and the results are available to view on their website.

Download the pdf: RD-OnlineTransformation.  

Click through below for the video teaser:

In the second stage, Bridgeway Foundation awarded six grants of $10,000 to inner city Christian charities from Edmonton, Winnipeg, Brampton, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.  This summer each charity will encourage their past donors to consider matching a 1:1 grant, doubling funds to $20,000 each.  These online campaigns are now underway, and each charity has between 10 and 20 days to raise these funds.

Congratulations and best wishes to each of the following charities who are working toward this match campaign:

Hope Mission, Edmonton

Siloam Mission, Winnipeg

Regeneration Outreach, Brampton

Yonge Street Mission, Toronto

Welcome Hall Mission, Montreal

Souls Harbour Rescue Mission, Halifax

We will report back in early fall the outcome of this experiment.



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