Ratanak International

Project Name: Cambodia Office Capacity Building
Grant Amount: $20,000.00
Purpose of Investment: To build the capacity of a growing Cambodia-focused charity through hiring key personnel for administrative backup in Phnom Penh.


Measurable Outcomes:

  1.  Hiring of a Compliance Manager and Assistant Country Director- Hiring for both positions is expected to complete within 2015 and is currently ongoing. This grant will fund the Compliance Manager salary and Assistant Country Director salaries.
  2. Quarterly project and administrative reporting conducted according to Canada Revenue Agency standards- It is vital that reporting be received from projects according to the standards imposed by the Canadian government or funding for those projects will be required to cease. The Compliance Manager will conduct managerial meetings and site visits each quarter and submit respective documentation and minutes.
  3. Increase in fundraising revenue- The six month evaluation for our three year strategic growth plan recently passed. Growth has been on track. We expect fundraising income to continue to increase by a minimum 5% in 2015 in response to a scheduled fundraising campaign, which will sustain these new positions.
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