Literacy and Bible translation in indigenous communities is in the midst of a dramatic change.  Traditional methods characterized by Western missionaries spending decades with a tribe painstakingly introducing literacy and preparing a few books in a new language is being replaced.  This evolution is witnessing improved technology and new understanding, with indigenous people producing entire New Testaments in only a few years, and accompanying the Scriptures with literacy programs that bring about identifiable community development changes. OneBook is one of three organizations in the Wycliffe Global Alliance who are driving this new model, and carefully measuring the results.

This project involves sharing the results of their completed surveys of 5000 leaders with both indigenous and Western translation organizations, and establishing a best practices model for translation, literacy training, community impact, and measuring the results of these programs.

This is a Stronger Together 2013 project.

Total Project Budget 43,000
Stronger Together Grant 35,000
Bridgeway Grant 5,400
Meeting Date  May 25, 2013
Term in Months 12

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