Mully Children’s Charitable Foundation

The Mully Children’s Family Foundation Canada is committed to raise funds for the purchase and installation of irrigation equipment and water storage tanks for dairy fodder farming and reforestation programme for the Mully Children’s Family (MCF) in Yatta, Kenya. MCF rescues and provides institutional rehabilitation and skills training for destitute orphaned children from all provinces in Kenya.

The goal of this project is to facilitate the successful implementation of the MCF Dairy Farming project by installing an irrigation system for the establishment of a fodder farm to sustain the feeding of dairy cattle. The water supply system will also be used to provide water for the animals in the dairy shades to be established adjacent to the dairy farm besides supporting the reforestation activities within the dairy farm and surrounding areas.

This is a Stronger Together 2013 project.

Total Project Budget 257,852
Stronger Together Grant 35,000
Bridgeway Grant 5,400
Meeting Date  May 25, 2013
Term in Months 12

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