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M2W2 is a Restorative Justice organization based in Abbotsford, British Columbia.  Their NOLA (No One Leaves Alone) Project is designed to help long-term offenders leave prison and re-enter society safely and successfully, without re-committing crimes and creating new victims. Released offenders typically face social rejection, and are often unable to find housing, healthy friendships, or employment. Successful reintegration can then be impossible, leaving them with little recourse but to commit another crime so they can return to jail where their needs for food and housing will be met.

NOLA provides practical assistance, friendship, support, accountability, and guidance to promote law-abiding behaviour. Based on principles of Restorative Justice, NOLA provides 4 – 6 trained, Christian volunteers who meet twice monthly with the released offender as a “circle of support and accountability” with assistance between meetings to address specific challenges and to increase connection to community resources, work, housing, faith support, positive friendships, and faith communities, thereby reducing risk factors and promoting successful reintegration.

Proposed outcomes include:

  • Support for 5-10 released inmates during the 2013 – 14 pilot project year, and the recruitment/training of 25 – 60 volunteers.
  • NOLA program participants will have lower re-offense rates, when compared with those who have not received the program
  • NOLA program participants will breach their parole/probation conditions less than those who have not received the program
  • NOLA program participants will engage in pro-social activities and relationships through program activities and connections to other agencies/groups
  • NOLA participants will demonstrate positive change in attitudes, behaviours, and sense of self worth, measured by intake/outtake evaluation processes
Total Project Budget 92,400
Stronger Together Grant 35,000
Bridgeway Grant 4,500
Meeting Date  May 25, 2013
Term in Months 12

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