FH Canada

Project Name: Five Steps of Hope for Boeung Mealea, Cambodia
Grant Amount: $15,000.00
Purpose of Investment: To introduce an opportunity for wholistic community development to the six villages of Boeung Mealea, Cambodia through partnership, leadership training, savings and loan groups, and training of mothers.


Measurable Outcomes:

 Outcomes expected by the end of the first year in Boeung Mealea will include:

1) 6 village partner relationships established within Boeung Mealea (1,118 families)

2) 52 Community Leaders trained in effective leadership principles

3) 3 Village Savings and Loans Groups formed each with 3 elected officers and 45 active members trained in numeracy & record keeping

4) 100 home visits conducted by FH staff to equip mothers with household behaviours that promote their children’s well-being


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