Project Name Cambridge City Soul Continued
Grant Amount $15,000
Date of Grant December 1, 2014


Purpose of Investment

To continue a project that will do research and facilitate ongoing conversations in the City of Cambridge between faith leaders and city planners.


Measurable Outcomes

For Cambridge City Soul to be a success, it needs to be locally owned, and it needs structured dialogue between FBO leadership and the City. To see this happen, we will:

1.    Identify and enlist 8-10 key faith leaders representing the most influential faith-based organizations to found a stakeholders committee that, working from an updated version of the Cambridge City Soul report, will meet monthly over a 6-8 month period to discern practical outcomes from the report’s findings.
2.    Identify and enlist 6-10 key City of Cambridge planning and administration staff for a luncheon consultation in order to review critical city documents, outlined in the Cambridge City Soul plan and prioritized by the stakeholders committee.
3.    Bring together these two groups to discuss identified issues and ideas in order to make introductions, build new relationships, talk openly in a facilitated conversation about a shared vision for the city, and open a long-term channel of communication.

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