An opportunity to attend the Not-For-Profit Governance Institute

NFPGI 2The Not-For-Profit Governance Institute is an intensive and innovative educational experience designed to address the critical governance issues facing NFP Community Agencies today. It is structured specifically for board members of local NFP Community Agencies.

The NFPGI provides an incomparable learning experience for both Board members and their Executive Directors – through the opportunity to engage with peers – to take stock of their NFP Community Agencies current environment and to develop best in class Community Agency governance practices. Participants gain an enhanced and enlightened understanding of their obligations as stewards of public goods through a variety of learning methods.

Participants will gain leading edge strategies, frameworks, and best practices for making crucial Board decisions in an ever-changing environment.  Workshop topics include:

  • The Principles of Good Governance
  • Roles, Responsibilities, Accountabilities and Culture
  • Introduction to “basic” Financial Literacy
  • Good Boards Need Good Directors
  • Developing Strategic Thinking vs. Strategic Planning
  • Risk Management

Bridgeway Foundation’s chairman and co-founder, Reg Petersen, will be leading one of the six workshops at the upcoming Guelph sessions held every Tuesday evening between May 7 – June 11, 2013.   Click for more information and to register.


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