Reg Petersen


Chairman & Co-Founder

Reg is an entrepreneur at heart. Seeing a competitive advantage, he fills a need through perseverance, dogged discipline, and creative thinking. These skills, exercised over a thirty year span, allowed him to develop Versa-Care Limited, an Ontario-based retirement home business, to 47 long-term care facilities in three provinces serving over 6,500 elderly residents. In 1997 Versa-Care Limited was sold, and profits from this company were donated to Bridgeway Foundation.

Reg’s approach to philanthropy is inspired by the business environment. He says, “We’re seeking to allocate Bridgeway’s funds into charitable projects which bring social and spiritual return on the investment. The ROI that comes is the benefit which the recipient of our grants receives. But as stewards of these funds, we believe we have an obligation to ensure all funds are invested into charitable acts which offer the best opportunity for personal and societal transformation.”