Our Story

a rocha 3What does one do with wealth?  Its empty allure is all around us – bigger houses, fancier cars, more expensive jewellry, and all the must-have toys that call out to us from upscale magazine ads, fashion spreads, and airbrushed marketing campaigns designed to get us to spend more, more, more…  And all this, tragically, leaves us empty when we become the focus for our own wealth.

A different spin on wealth says that “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”  In sharing resources with others, we discover the deeper things of value: lasting relationships, fruitful conversations, meaningful faith, enduring joy, and transformed lives.

Bridgeway Foundation was formed as a private family foundation in 1980. The founders, Reg and Carol Petersen, committed to supporting charitable projects that reflected their priorities as visionary entrepreneurs, yet which were rooted in the compassion that rises from their Christian faith. With the sale of the family business in 1997, Bridgeway Foundation was endowed with the resources required to pursue this dream.

Since its inception Bridgeway Foundation has supported Canadian charities that bring transformation to communities around the world. In 2001 it further articulated its values and created a series of criteria, which have enabled the directors to select projects that conform to its goals and objectives. By the end of 2012, Bridgeway Foundation had disbursed over $30 million to its charitable partners.

Releasing wealth in a strategic, thoughtful way to reliable charities has resulted in impact.  People’s lives have been transformed.  We are learning the lessons of generosity, and are grateful as a family to be able to steward the assets of this foundation for the benefit of others.