We Are The Bridgeway Foundation


Humbled by Jesus’ life, we envision a bold philanthropy that stretches the ability of people and organizations to learn and serve at the margins.




Bridgeway Foundation will stimulate innovation within the social sector and strengthen organizations’ capacities to serve in Canada and the world. This will be accomplished through careful financial and relational partnerships with other risk-taking donors and charities to sow seeds of transformation in communities.


Bridgeway’s values guided in the development of our vision and mission statements.
We hold the following values that we desire will characterize our organization:


As Christians, we believe we need to live out our faith with not just words, but actions.


We seek to advance clear and compelling positive changes that extend to all aspects of society, including both spiritual and social change.


We believe non-profit organizations can learn from innovative business practices to achieve excellence.


Though we are a private family foundation, we believe we have a public duty to model openness regarding our grantmaking decisions and the resulting impact of our philanthropy.

Charity Partners

Bridgeway Foundation is pleased to partner with Canadian charities to reach its goals. Without Canadian charities and the countless staff, volunteers and other donors engaged in the life-changing missions of charities, all of our activity would be meaningless.

We continually seek new partnerships with two distinct groups:

  • Charities in Cambridge, Ontario serving people in the community where our family was raised.
  • Canadian Christian charities which demonstrate that faith positively contributes to the greater good for all people in society.

The profile of charitable organization that we seek to partner with is: one which is ready to take risks, is at the edge of innovative practices, is organizationally healthy, and is actively offering relevant and effective services to people in communities across Canada and around the world. Bridgeway’s role is to provide the encouragement and means for our partners to stretch beyond their existing capacities, partnering with them at the edges of their transformational outreach to advance hope and opportunity.

We favour organizations valuing organizational accountability and integrity. Having the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) seal of financial accountability is one way that an organization can demonstrate that they have achieved these standards.

Finally, in the course of our work, we frequently encounter other donors who desire to make a difference in the world. We actively seek informal partnerships with other donors as well as charities to advance charitable objectives.

Our Team


Carol Petersen

President & Co-Founder


Reg Petersen

Board Chair & Co-Founder

Ernest 2013 square

Ernest Kennedy

Board Member